Call First

Provides immediate access to your financial information when you need it--24 hours a day.

Provides you the opportunity to inquire about your account balance, loan payoff amount, and more.

Using Call First

Have your account number available before you call. You can find your account number at the top of your monthly statement or at the bottom of your check.

Call any of the phone numbers listed below to access CALL FIRST in your area.
- 321-7777 in Bastrop
- 285-3839 in Elgin
- 237-3247 in Smithville
- 303-3999 Metro 

- 800-494-2482 Toll-Free 


After the greeting, you will enter the Opening Program and be directed from there.

Call First Security

The first time you call, you will have to use the personal identification number (P.I.N.) Ask one of our customer service representatives what the personal identification number is if you do not know.

Upon entry into CALL FIRST, you will be directed to change your P.I.N. to a four digit number that only you will know.

The only way information can be accessed from CALL FIRST is with your account number and your personal identification number.

Your P.I.N. is your security!