Switching Made Easy...in Seven Steps (Or Less!)

You can quickly and easily switch your account(s) from another financial institution to ours.  The forms you need are right here!  All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Open your new account(s) with us.  Click here to find the location nearest you!
  2. Stop using your old account(s).
  3. Stop direct deposits from going to your old account(s) and start sending them to your new account(s) with FORM A.
  4. Call the appropriate agencies to stop any direct deposits of government benefits to your old account(s) and to start direct deposits to your new account(s).

            Social Security Administration - (800) 772-1213

            Department of Veterans Affairs - (800) 827-1000

            Office of Personnel Administration - (888) 767-6738

  1. Revoke the authority to initiate payments (preauthorized payments) from your old account(s) and authorize the initiation of payments from your new account(s). Complete FORM B for each third party currently authorized to initiate payments.
  2. Authorize automatic transfers between your accounts with us - complete FORM C for each type of transfer.
  3. Once your direct deposits are being received by your new account(s) and all transactions on your old account(s) have cleared, use FORM D to close your old account(s) and terminate authority for transfers between them.


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