Health Savings Account (HSA)

Health Savings Account Features

Download our complete Truth-In-Saving disclosure for more information.

Debit Card

For your convenience and accessibility, First National Bank provides a FREE MasterCard® Debit card. This card allows account holders to pay for medical goods and services wherever MasterCard is accepted.  Funds are directly withdrawn from the account for prompt and easy payment. There is no charge for the first card. If an additional card is requested, there is a $3.00 one-time fee.

Debit card will be embossed with your name and “HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNT” to make it easy to identify the card that provides access to your health savings account. Allow two (2) weeks for the debit card to arrive in the mail.

Convenience Checks

First National Bank understands the importance of having immediate access to your HSA funds. That is why we provide 16 convenience checks that are part of your “Welcome Kit”. These checks will provide immediate access to your account for that unforeseen medical expense.


For your convenience, HSA provides several methods to make contributions to your HSA account. HSA has no fees associated with any of our contribution methods.

  • Direct Deposit – This option allows account holders to select the amount, the day of the withdrawal and the account they wish to withdraw from. This option may be set up at anytime
  • HSA Contribution Deposit Slips – Contribution Deposit Slips are in every “Welcome Kit”. Use these deposit when mailing in a check for deposit or when making a deposit in person to your HSA account. HSA Deposit Slips are free and can be reordered at anytime at no extra charge.
  • Employer contributions – Employers will determine the method of their contributions at enrollment time. The following options are available:
  • Employer Contribution Worksheet – If an employer wishes to make contributions by mailing a check, they will be supplied with an Employer Contribution Worksheet. The worksheet will list all the employees participating in the plan and their contribution amount. The amounts will be totaled and one check will be mailed along with the worksheet.
  • Direct Deposit – Employers may choose to have a pre-determined monthly amount withdrawn from their business checking account for each employee. This amount will be withdrawn on the day determined by the employer.
  • Electronic Transfer (initiated by the employer) – An employer can choose to set up an Electronic Transfer from a business account. This option allows employers the freedom to make contributions when they want, for the amount they want and for the desired employees they want.


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