Visaź "Just for You" Gift Card

  • Use it at any participating merchant location where Visa cards are accepted.
  • The recipient can use it right away, unlike a check which would need to be cashed. 
  • Much safer than cash, the card can be replaced if it’s lost or stolen. 
  • It’s easy to carry the card in a wallet or purse with other cards.
  • Use it for special employee incentives: perfect attendance, year-end bonuses, sales contests, referral awards…and the list goes on!

 Call or come in and talk with one of our Representatives to find out more or to purchase a "Just For You" gift card.

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Stored Value Gift Cards FAQ

What does it cost to get a gift card?
The cost is $5.00 per gift card, plus the card issue amount.

Can a card be issued for any dollar amount?
There is a dollar amount limit per card. A gift card can be issued for a minimum of $25.00 and a maximum of $500.00.

Do I need to do anything before using the card?

You must activate your VISA Gift Card before attempting to use it.  To activate, call the automated customer service line toll free at (800) 418-3971 or click here to register online.


Does my VISA Gift Card expire?
Yes, the card expires after 7 years.

Where can the gift card be used?
Your VISA Gift Card can be used to purchase items at participating merchants where Visa is accepted as a debit with PIN or with the credit option. It may be used at an ATM to withdraw cash using the “Checking” option. Stored Value Gift Cards cannot be used to obtain cash advances from financial institutions.

How do I check my balance??
You can check your available balance by doing a balance inquiry at an ATM, by calling the automated customer service line toll free at (800) 418-3971, or by logging onto and go to the View Card Activity page.

Can the card be reused?
Yes, the card can be reloaded, however be sure to check the expiration date because reloading does not extend the expiration date.

What do I do if my card is lost/stolen?
Contact a new accounts representative at the bank immediately to report the card as lost/stolen. Another card will be issued for the balance remaining on the lost card.  The fee to replace a lost card is $3.00.

What do I do if there is a problem with a transaction?
TIB handles all gift card disputes for the bank. Contact a representative at 1-800-418-3971.

Fees and Charges for Use of Gift Card
Monthly service fee after 12 months of continuous inactivity $2.50
Replace lost card $3.00
Obtain funds by Check $15.00


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