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FNB Guardian Alerts FAQs

How does FNB Guardian Alerts work?

Once your card is enrolled, you will receive text alerts should your card number be used in any of the triggering transaction types.

If the transaction is fraudulent, then you can reply to the text with the code requested in the text. This will alert the Fraud Center that the card has been used in an unauthorized transaction. Your card will be blocked so that no further transactions may be attempted. Be sure to contact First National Bank immediately to order a new card.

Be aware that if you reply to the text with anything other than the specific code requested in the text, the Fraud Center will not recognize your reply as indicating the transaction is fraudulent. Be sure to reply with the exact code; do not reply with statements such as “Yes, this is fraud” or “Not my transaction”.

If the transaction is not fraudulent, no action is required by you. You can simply ignore the alert.

If no response is received within 12 hours of your receipt of the FNB Guardian Alerts text alert, the system times out and assumes the transaction is legitimate.

Am I required to enroll in FNB Guardian Alerts?

No, enrollment in FNB Guardian Alerts is optional.

Is there a fee to enroll in FNB Guardian Alerts?

No, there is not a fee to enroll in FNB Guardian Alerts, however, depending on your mobile carrier, message and data rates may apply.

Can I select the types of transactions that will generate a text message through FNB Guardian Alerts?

For each enrolled card, a text message will be generated for the types of transactions indicated.

Once enrolled in FNB Guardian Alerts can I decide to opt-out?

Yes, you can choose to discontinue receiving text alerts through FNB Guardian Alerts at any time by either:

Once enrolled, how long will my enrollment period last? Will I receive a renewal notification?

Unless you opt-out sooner, your enrollment period will last for one year. A renewal notification will be sent to your mobile device six days prior to your enrollment expiration. Three renewal text message attempts will be made before the device is set to expire. If no response is received, the device will be removed from FNB Guardian Alerts upon the expiration date.

Are there security features in place to protect my information?

Yes, the text message does not provide full cardholder information; messages provide the last 4-digits of the card number only.

What if I still have questions?

If you have questions, feel free to contact First National Bank at 512-321-2561. You may also reply to an Alert message with the word HELP or call (888) 868-8611.