Common Fees

Common Fees
Replace lost debit card $3.00
ATM cash withdrawals or transfer of funds at ATMs we do not own or operate $1.00
ATM transactions using First National Bank of Bastrop machines No Charge
ATM transaction dollar amount limit Up to $1,000.00 per day
Internet Banking Bill Pay $4.95 month
Free for personal online accounts with Direct Deposit
Check printing Fee depends on style of check ordered (Duplicate Checks recommended for Back to the Basics Checking Accounts)
Cashier's Checks Customers: $3.00 each
Noncustomers: $6.00 each
Money Order $1.50
Overdraft Fee
(may be created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal or other electronic means)
$21.00 each overdraft paid
Nonsufficient Funds (NSF) Fee for Returned Item
(may be created by check, debit or other electronic means)
$21.00 each item returned
Special statement cutoff $3.00
Account research $20.00 per hour, $5.00 minimum
Photocopies $.20 per copy
Telephone transfer from any account to any other account (not using CallFirst) $2.00
Stop payments (each item) $21.00
Wire Transfers
     Outgoing wire transfers
     Foreign (outgoing) wire transfers

$15 plus correspondent bank charges
Collections (outgoing/incoming) $5.00 plus correspondent bank charges
Legal Processing

$25.00 plus related charges
$25.00 plus related charges
Foreign Currency Exchange $5.00 plus postage and correspondent bank charges
Canadian/Non-US Items in US dollars $5.00 plus correspondent bank charges


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