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News Story of the Day

Stones, Dylan, McCartney play Coachella site in October

LOS ANGELES (AP) — It could be Woodstock 47 years later, only the drug of choice might be antacid — a weekend concert event featuring some of the greatest musical acts of the 1960s. Confirming weeks of rumors, Goldenvoice Entertainment announced Tuesday it is bringing together the top performers — really just from the 1960s — for a three-day blowout in California's Coachella Desert. Bob Dylan, ...

Sports Story of the Day

Rookie goaltender Murray stealing the show for Penguins

PITTSBURGH (AP) — Matt Murray isn't in the mood to think about what it all means, this ride that he's on. The NHL's best team on the other side of the ice. His mentor watching from bench. An arena chanting his name. For the moment, there is only the next game, the next shot. That's all that concerns the Pittsburgh Penguins rookie goaltender. Not the ripple effects his playoff run will have on ...


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