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Intermittent Clouds
88ºFIntermittent Clouds
Feels Like: 99ºF
Humidity: 69%
Wind: 11 MPH SSE
Wednesday 88ºF 71ºF
Thursday 86ºF 71ºF
Friday 85ºF 69ºF
Saturday 85ºF 66ºF
Sunday 83ºF 64ºF





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News Story of the Day

Nebraska abolishes death penalty in landmark override vote

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Nebraska abolished the death penalty on Wednesday over the governor's objections in a move pushed through the Legislature with unusual backing from conservatives who oppose capital punishment. Senators in the one-house Legislature voted 30-19 to override Gov. Pete Ricketts, a Republican who supports the death penalty. The vote makes Nebraska the first traditionally ...

Sports Story of the Day

FRENCH OPEN LOOKAHEAD: Nadal wants more consistent forehand

PARIS (AP) — Rafael Nadal's uppercut of a lefty forehand, thick with topspin, has flummoxed many opponents through the years and carried him to nine French Open titles in 10 previous appearances. Now he thinks it could be better. "With my forehand, I'm not as steady and consistent as in the past," Nadal said. "Of course I can still put spin on it, but I'm not smooth enough." He has won 67 of ...


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