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Bank Officers

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First National Bank Officers
President and CEO Reid Sharp
Executive Vice President, Lending | NMLS# 475396 Fil Valderrama
Chief Technology Officer Sam Blanton
Chief Risk Officer Deleigh Brooks
Chief Lending Officer | NMLS# 475380 Lynn Frerich
Chief Credit Officer Michael Hancock
Chief Operations Officer Dianna Kana
Chief Financial Officer Amanda Wickliffe
Senior Vice President, Branch and Deposit Operations Manager  Tammy Goertz
Senior Vice President, Lending | NMLS# 475383 Clay Ingram
Senior Vice President, Lending | NMLS# 475385 David Lewis
Senior Vice President, Lending | NMLS# 475387 Cody Mauck
Vice President, Lending | NMLS# 1101756 Jose Gonzales
Vice President, Innovation Officer Natalie Hayes
Elgin President, Lending | NMLS# 894182 Dusty Kadlecek
Vice President, Lending | NMLS# 475386 Kent Lock
Vice President, Lending | NMLS# 475388 Wally Namken
Vice President, Lending | NMLS# 475390 Michael Psencik
Vice President, Mortgage Dept | NMLS# 475392 Fay Meuth Scoggins
Vice President, Operations Amy Wilhelm-Rabel
Assistant Vice President, Compliance Officer Gianna Lawrence
Assistant Vice President, Internal Audit Sandra Palacios
Assistant Vice President, Accounting Keisha Tischler
Assistant Vice President, Customer Service Center Sandra White
Loan Officer | NMLS# 1506442 Madonna Abarca
Customer Service Center Manager Pam Buerger
Business Development Officer Josh Coy
Human Resources Officer Jenna Fohn Thomas
Loan Officer/CRA Officer | NMLS# 1814067 Jorge Gonzalez
Security Officer Nicole Herring
Marketing Officer Connie Juarez
Loan Officer | NMLS# 1802469 Kyle Mogonye
BSA Officer Daniel Orr
Customer Service Officer Angelica Padron
Bank Officer, Cedar Creek Tylar Robbins
Bank Officer, Downtown Bastrop Locations Kris Slay
Loan Officer | NMLS# 1669595 Vicki Tate
Branch Manager/Loan Officer | NMLS# 1832675 Stacy Tiner
BSA Manager Essie Turner
Loan Officer/Lending Secretary Loretta Vinklarek
Bank Officer, Hwy 71 @ Hasler Kathy Walicek